Structured for Success

Founded in New York City in 1994, Philip Koether Architects is a full service architectural design firm with demonstrated experience and breadth of skill in large scale project as well as smaller specialized and highly crafted commissions. We have designed private residences, retail and commercial spaces, hotels, libraries, schools and other cultural facilities. We quickly established a reputation for mastering complexity -- passionately synthesizing and balancing all the forces that define clearly conceived and executed projects -- many for distinguished and well-known clients.

The added value of a thoughtful approach is amply demonstrated by the frequency with which past clients and new owners of previously designed spaces seek us out for our creativity.

 Analytical and Synthetic Design

In a dynamic world in which technology brings us all closer, complexity is more than the resolution of a project's isolated issues of scale, location, or building type. Today, any project's architectural influence will be seen and must function globally. Philip Koether Architects helps clients anticipate future growth while respecting local environments, cultural difference, and past architectural values and traditions. We believe that simplicity and complexity are sometimes one and the same. Our analytic and synthetic design process has produced a distinguished body of executed work, commissioned by clients eager to have their expectations raised.

 The Art of Collaboration

We approach any potential commission by establishing appropriate consulting teams -- working closely together with internationally recognized design professionals of varying perspectives and expertise. We tailor a customized and flexible approach to the requirements of each specific client. Philip Koether Architects is allied with many of the top design professionals in their industries, all equally committed to design with precision.

More than twenty years experience in artist collaborations has led to a growing reputation for our ability to work with artists. We are the respected choice of artists and owners when considering the integration of art in architecture and art in public spaces.

Our People

Principal: Philip Koether

Business Director: Marc Curyer

Senior Associate: Jerome Burgos